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Yin & Yang

The Five Elements

Five Element Workshops

Food & Emotions – The Soul Connection

Helping Body and Mind to Perform at their Best.

Personal Coaching – Your Five Elements Archetype

There would not be any life, development or change in the world without the existence and constant motion of Qi. It may best be translated into life force or vital energy.

In the human body, Qi runs through specific pathways called meridians. Through this network, the energy can travel across all parts of your body and reach all of your organs. If these energy lines are clear, Qi can move smoothly – which is the basis for your body’s self-regulating health system.

Environmental stressors, strong emotions, extreme climate and lifestyle may weaken or even impair the flow of Qi causing trouble to your body and mind.

In daily life it is the intake of food and water as well as your breathing that provide you with Qi and keep this energy in motion.

Qi divides into two opposing energy forces: yin and yang. Just think of the human being as a reflection of nature. All things in the universe consist of yin and yang. Without light, there is no shadow. Without heat there is no cold. Without motion, there is no stillness. Yin and Yang are constantly moving, they are inter-rooted and interdependent.

When it comes to yin and yang in your body, your aim is to gain and maintain the best possible balance of these two energies. All aspects of your life contribute to that balance.

This goes beyond nutrition and breathing and includes your way of thinking, lifestyle and emotion, the way you do your work, exercise and sleep.

Ying & Yang. Inseparable.

The five elements. Reflections of nature.

wood element

In a balanced state of Qi, the element of wood stands for growth, development and flexibility, easily imaginable when thinking of a young tree. Transferring this image to the human body, it relates to our wish for creative expression as well as personal and spiritual development in life. In our daily life, Qi easily stagnates with moods or with imbalanced food intake.

Attain the key to give room for action, expansion and growth.

wood element
Fire Element

fire element

With its upward-outward movement, the energy of Fire helps us to express ourselves. In a balanced and qi-charged state, we radiate joy from our hearts and easily communicate and connect with our environment. With the abundance of impulses in today’s life, this element may easily be thrown out of balance.

Attain the key to connect with the beautiful world around you.

earth element

With its centred energy, the element of earth grounds us. When in balance we are calm, steady and take care of ourselves and others in a harmonious way. Earth plays a key role when it comes to generating Qi and blood, which is essential for our immunity and our capacity of thinking and memory in a fast-paced world.

Attain the key to abundant energy to be compassionate with yourself and others.

earth element
metal element

metal element

When the energy of the element metal flows freely, it allows us to process feelings of sadness and grief as a natural and integral part of life.  We can let go and move on freely and create our life in a healthily structured manner. In balance, this element enables us to access our innermost intuition, our gut feeling.

Attain the key to access and grow your intuition.

water element

With the strongest Yin power of all elements, the element of water gives us a strong foundation to tackle the challenges of life. In a balanced state we move on with curiosity and courage that let us calmly adapt to new situations as they arise.

Attain the key to establish a strong foundation and embrace change.

Five elements workshops.

Keystoenergy offers a holistic concept that deals with body, mind and soul development equally. As this way of living helps remove toxins from your system and nourishes your body and spirit, your personal intuition gradually grows strong and you become aware of what serves you on many levels.

By integrating these principles of the five elements into your day, you are going to overcome the physical and the mental challenges for a more joyful, healthy and vibrant life.
I am excited to share this unique lifestyle concept, which can be adapted to individual needs and preferences – even when eating out on many occasions.

These moments when we feel moody, sad ‘for no reason’ or pondering over endless thoughts in the middle of the night…

How does food serve your energies? Do you want to learn what it does to you – more precisely to your organs, your body functions and thus your mood?

In Chinese medicine, the concept of the five elements includes feelings and the expression of those. During this workshop you acquire the knowledge to have a positive impact on your emotions.

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Food & Feelings. The Soul Connection.
Body and Mind, Performing at there best.

Next to our breathing, it is the food and drinks that we consume during the day, that deliver the required energy to our body. If your body was a car, would you risk running your engine on cheap oil? Neither you’d go anywhere with an empty tank, would you? In today’s world, we often compromise and go for short-term energy kicks that make us forget our tiredness for a short while.

The food we choose will either help to maintain your physical, mental and emotional state – or screw it up. It’s about our individual needs and finally: it’s about making conscious choice.

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In Chinese philosophy we put a lot of importance on an individual’s ‘inner climate’. Ever thought that tomatoes could contribute to you having cold feet?

This workshop introduces you to the concept of warming and cooling foods, energising meal preparation and lifestyle habits. My aim is to help you make good choices that nourish your body and get your Qi back into flow – warming you from the inside out.

– Goodbye winter socks!

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Because Warm Feet are Sexy

Five Elements Coaching.

Do you want to learn more about why you’re the born manager, why you can’t stand big crowds, why you always need to help people or why you simply find big plates appalling?  The archetypes in Five Elements Theory help us understand the motivations and emotions behind our life choices.

In a personal session, we will be looking in detail at all aspects of your life and in which way your lifestyle serves you, your body and your state of mind.


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